Warranty/Returns Information

VAM Computers offers a 1 year warranty on all new products purchased from us and a 30 day warranty on all used items unless otherwise noted on your invoice. Please note that while we test the batteries on used laptops for 30 minutes before they go out, the batteries carry  no warranty.

All new computer systems carry a 2 year parts and labour depot warranty, unless otherwise noted on your invoice. Depending on the model, new laptop computers carry  a 1-3 year parts and labour depot warranty with the power adapter and battery being covered for one year.

Data transfers on new and used systems is .5-1 hour labour. Software configuration/installations may be an additional charge.

VAM Computers is not responsible for lost time or revenues due to repair time, malware damage, hardware or software failures. If a computer is mission critical it’s best to have a spare on hand, just in case.

All warranties are depot. The customer is responsible for getting the item to us. We will pay shipping back to the customer if needed. Returns must be accompanied by the customer’s complete shipping information and a copy of your receipt.

Items may need to be returned to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. We will do our best to have your items back to you as soon as possible or we may replace the item with one from stock at our discretion.

Certain items such as RAM, certain motherboards, retail CPUs and hard drives may carry a longer warranty. VAM Computers warranties such items for a 1 year period from date of purchase with the remainder of the warranty being through the manufacturer. If the customer prefers, VAM Computers will handle the paperwork and do the actual return for such warranties. The customer is responsible for shipping charges and a small service fee which VAM will bill the customer for on pickup of the repaired or replaced item.

Items in original condition with all packaging and accessories may be returned for a full refund within 7 business days of purchase. Any items over 7 days old may only be returned if defective and will be replaced or repaired. We do not accept returns on computer systems or software under any circumstances.

Damages caused by acts of God (ex. Lightening, Fire) or by the consumer are not covered under warranty. Self-installation of components leading to damage is not covered under warranty.

Please note that data loss and or recovery is in no way covered by any warranty under any circumstances and is always the customer’s responsibility. (This includes the failure of hard drives under warranty.) MAKE BACKUPS FREQUENTLY!  It is amazing the number of customers who come in with problems and no backups. We do not accept any responsibility for data loss or corruption under any circumstances whatsoever.

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