Date Recovery in Orangeville, Dufferin, Headwaters

Have you lost data? If you use a computer, chances are that the answer is “Yes!” followed by some words that can’t be published here. Hopefully you had backups of your important data.

If not, don’t fret because we can help! In many cases we’ll be able to recover your files at the store for an average cost of $40-$75 + recovery media if needed. For more severe failures jobs are sent out to our data recovery partners.

At this point you have to decide what your data is worth since in depth data recoveries can get rather expensive with prices varying from $300-$1200.  Drives are sent out for a no charge quote on recovery. Our partners will get a list of files back to you within a few days and you can decide whether you wish to proceed with recovery. Turn around time on a recovery job is usually 2-7 business days.

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