R.I.P. V.A.M. Computers Inc.
1996 to 2024

Over the last 28 years we’ve had over 30 people work at the store. We’ve hosted a dozen co-op students, built thousands of custom computers, and fixed countless thousands of computers for over seventeen thousand customers. We’ve donated hundreds of computers to charity, saw communications evolve from the local dial up Bulletin Board Systems to the Internet, and were part of one of the first internet providers in Dufferin. We’ve seen computers go from small beige boxes running DOS and Windows 3.1 to massive RGB lit masterpieces running Windows 11. We’ve ran LAN (computer gaming) parties big and small and seen the advent of publicly available AI. We even survived a world ending pandemic. It’s crazy how things have changed since 1996.

In those 28 years, we’ve won dozens of service awards, met more amazing customers, friends, and made more memories than we can count. The people, both those who have worked with us at VAM and those who trusted us to keep them up and running, are the reason we’ve been here for so long. And yet, so the saying goes, everything good must come to an end. January 27th, 2024 was our last day open.

Thanks for being part of our journey and all the best.

Dave, Gary, Ken & Tricia.


“Where can I get service in the future?”

Ken will continue to provide computer repair services to Orangeville and the surrounding area through his personal business, Tanarus Computer Solutions. Services will be provided on an onsite and remote basis only, with no storefront available to drop machines off. If necessary, Ken can pick up and drop off your computer equipment.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tanaruscomputersolutions/

Website: www.tanarus.ca

Please note: While Ken is on the road or with a client, they have his full attention. Leave a message and he’ll definitely get back to you!

“I just bought a computer! Who will cover my warranty?”

Ken has agreed to fulfill the warranty obligations of VAM Computers. If you bought a new, custom-built machine through VAM, you will continue to receive your full two year warranty. If you bought a used desktop or laptop, Ken will honour the given 30 day warranty. If you purchased a special order laptop, your warranty through the manufacturer will not be affected by VAM Computers’ closure, but make sure to keep your receipt as your proof of purchase.